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The specialty packaging industry frequently includes applications that require handling medicine and food products, so businesses in this sphere must adhere to strict health and safety standards. That’s why we develop and deliver durable, non-stretchable and clean PureSteel® conveyor belts that meet these exacting requirements. In this blog, we highlight our ability to maximize product throughput while ensuring optimal sanitary conditions across multiple packaging applications.

The Benefits of PureSteel® Products

Whether you work with accumulators, heat sealers, cardboard packers, film wrappers or conveyors, our products are designed to meet your specific standards.

PureSteel® belts:

  • Require no lubrication
  • Have a high resistance to chemical corrosion and extreme temperatures
  • Are customizable with surface coatings, attachments and perforations
  • Do not generate dust, debris or particulates

They also offer greater precision control, longevity and cost-effectiveness than other options.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications

Automated conveyor systems used to process, handle and transport pharmaceutical products must be flawlessly sanitary, easy to clean and resistant to corrosion. Since stainless steel fits this description, our belts are often used in processing diabetes home test kits, as well as manufacturing blister packs for pills and tablets.

Additionally, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, our team successfully developed a critical solution for vaccine processing and packaging conveyors. With a short turnaround, we provided a UK-based conveyor manufacturer with a solution that increased vaccine production and distribution 17-fold.

Food Packaging Applications

The durability and accuracy of PureSteel® stainless steel belts also make them ideal for a wide range of food packaging applications, most notably heat sealers used to seal plastic and paper bags.

We play a crucial role in the food processing sector by supplying heat-sealing bands for sustainable paper packaging. Previous models used Teflon sealing bands, but they were unable to withstand the temperatures required for the adhesive on paper products. Using our belts, food processing companies successfully seal their packages while enhancing their sustainability efforts.

Ready to Assist with Your Application

With extensive experience across the medical, pharmaceutical and food packaging industries, our team delivers customized solutions that meet the highest health and safety standards.

Our belts can also be customized with coatings and textures and/or perforations to further enhance their functionality and meet specific requirements. Contact our sales engineers today to learn how you can benefit from our PureSteel® products or engineering expertise.