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Metal Belts for Food Processing and Handling

Choose a Sanitary Conveyor

Using conveyor automation technologies, companies involved in food production ranging from meat and seafood to frozen pizzas and ice cream, have found that stainless steel conveyor belts aid in the cooking, freezing and handling of edible products.


Our highly trained and experienced engineers can design, develop and manufacture a complete, stainless steel sanitary conveyor belt system to service the specific needs of your food processing application. Having troubles with an automated system that is handling edible products? We are more than happy to work with you to design or redesign a retrofit solution that will integrate with your current food-handling system.

Our PureSteel® stainless steel metal belts are widely used as part of sanitary food processing conveyors. Would your automated food processing system benefit from the unique attributes of stainless steel metal belts? Could they help you meet food safety requirements? Call to request a quote today!

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Design Guide and Engineer’s Reference for Metal Belts

Belt design guide

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Scientific and Legal Considerations in Food Manufacturing Applications

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What can metal belts do for your food processing system?