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Precise/Smooth Motion

When working in extreme environments, with a complex product or with small, fragile parts, you require precise/smooth motion. Our metal belts and conveyor system afford customers:

  • Smooth movement
  • Precise motion
  • Positional accuracy

Design Considerations

Several design elements contribute to smooth and precise motion control. Motor and gearbox sizing and coupling/bearing choices are important with all belt types. We take all of these factors into account in our fabrication process.

The major advantage with a metal belt is the fact that they’re manufactured using spring steel with a high modulus of elasticity which minimizes the chordal action often seen in other belt types or chain.

This makes them a solid choice in printing, including 3D printers.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Learn how we help in the fabrication of semi-conductors and automated assembly applications.

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