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From the President

In addition to delivering a message from the president of Belt Technologies, we want to use this opportunity to share client testimonials. In this way, we hope to convey our company vision.

Alan Wosky, our company president for nearly three decades, has helped to shape our company into the industry leader it is today. Here are some of the reasons our advanced manufacturing processes and sophisticated engineering enjoy a global reach.

  • We’ve been producing custom PureSteel® belt conveyor solutions for new and existing conveyor systems for more than 50 years.
  •  We use sophisticated engineering, advanced manufacturing processing and an unlimited number of configurations to meet our clients’ needs.
  •  We’re known worldwide for the durability, flexibility and smooth operation of our PureSteel® metal belts.
  •  Countries we serve include the U.S., the U.K., China, Japan, South Korea, Germany and others.
  •  Our belts are used in unlimited applications in markets like food processing, medical, robotics, solar, industrial automation and more.
  •  We’re constantly growing, and we’re looking for high-quality candidates interested in a new career path with Belt at our facility in Agawam.

Client Testimonials

Peruse some of our client testimonials to see how our clients have taken advantage of our unlimited range of customizable options.