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Extreme Temperature

Extreme heat and extreme cold are no match for PureSteel® stainless steel belts and conveyor systems. The tough conditions and range of temperature our belts can withstand—and operate reliably within—have long made us the preferred solution in the food industry.

Why? Neoprene and other belt materials simply cannot withstand such variable temperature conditions without suffering belt damage or distortion.

Our Solutions are Hot, Hot, Hot! (Or Cold!)

We offer several alloys that resist distortion and perform well in applications with elevated temperatures. For instance, Invar will remain flat when operating in environments up to 400°F, compared to 300 series stainless steel which can start to see distortion at temperatures below 400°F. This makes our offerings the perfect solution in ovens or freezers. What’s more, Inconel 625 and 718 can operate in environments with temperatures up to 1,600°F.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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A Complex Problem Requires a Complex Solution

There are many factors to take into account when running belts in environments with elevated temperatures. Please contact the experts at Belt Technologies to allow our knowledgeable staff to make recommendations for an extreme temperature conveyor belt or system.