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Surface Coatings & Textures


Belt Technologies offers a variety of belt coatings, surface coatings & textures, and surface treatment types on our PureSteel® metal belts to achieve desired outcomes for different applications. If you require a solution with increased friction to the conveyor belt, or one that’s UV resistant, a silicone coating is an option to consider.

We also offer partial etched surfaces. This keeps products in place without compromising the surface release.

The benefits of our surface treatments include:

  • Improved lubricity
  • Increased friction
  • Compressibility

No Sticking

For industries like food processing where a non-stick surface is required, Teflon® coatings are available. This reduces the friction coefficient or release properties of the surface without compromising performance. We also offer polyurethane coatings if additional friction is required. All of our offered surface treatments and coatings work in tandem with our conveyor systems.

Turn Up the Heat

Consider adding a coating on a heat sealing band for optimized performance. Teflon® coating is an excellent option for increasing the release properties and durability of heat sealing bands.

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Learn how a producer of PVC plastic benefited from our technology, or peruse our full offering of case studies from customers we’ve been able to help or watch our video for ideas and inspiration.

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