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TruTrack™ Pulley

In this video, Belt President Al Wosky gives us a demonstration of the TruTrack™ Pulley. The TruTrack™ is revolutionizing conveyor technology, allowing operators to track within 0.001 of an inch while running ultrathin materials down to 0.005 of an inch in thickness—all without damage to the belt edge.

Available as a standalone product or as part of a conveyor system, Belt Technologies’ TruTrack™ Pulley precisely automates belt tracking by using a segmented roller design that moves with virtually no friction along the shaft between two edge guides, improving the lifespan of the belt.

The segmented design of the TruTrack™ Pulley substantially reduces side loads on the belt, preventing damage to its edge and improving belt life in ways standard edge guides or flanges can’t. The TruTrack™ Pulley is also manufactured in the United States of America.


The TruTrack™ Pulley can be used in multiple industries and applications.

Engineering Specifications


The specifications for the TruTrack™ Pulley are as follows:

 Belt Width

  • Minimum: 6”
  • Maximum: 18”


  • Maximum: 200 RPM


  • Maximum: 10,000 PSI

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