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What Our Customers Are Saying

We’re happy to share stories from satisfied customers from around the globe who have successfully implemented PureSteel® solutions from our company. Take a look at these select testimonials to learn firsthand how our offerings could substantially and positively impact your own organization.

[We] purchased some custom belts from Belt Technologies almost two years ago. I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for the excellent parts.  We used them to build a gimbaled space telescope, known as SOHIP, that successfully launched in March [2023] and is currently flying on the International Space Station. Thanks again, and we hope to work with you again in the future.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

“We purchased the original belt back in 1991. We are impressed that it has lasted  30+ years.”

—Dillon Anderson, MULTI-SEALS, INC.

“Outstanding quality workmanship.”

—Brian Van Wageninge, ITW Covid, Printing manufacturer of 3D seals and films

“Because your sales staff was helpful and courteous, and the free sample was a great indication that you believe in the quality of your product. As a result, after testing the samples, we will be ordering your belts.”

—Andrew Cooper, Bubbla, Inc. packaging systems on PureSteel® coated belts used in heat sealing

“[Full] range of products, and technical details for many applications.”

—VG Kulkarni, Vivace Sonics Pvt. Ltd, on robotic arms and PureSteel® drive tapes used in the semiconductor industry

“Excellent value.”

—John Borsarge, MAC LLC on PureSteel® metal belts used in the aerospace industry

“My first contact [with your sales engineer] was very helpful.”

—Fred Yang, Forbo, Flooring manufacturer benefiting from PureSteel® heat sealing bands

“Very responsive and I’ve been happy with the customer service. Generally good quality products.”

—Andy McKeague, Inca Digital Printers on PureSteel® vacuum belts for printing

“I find no issues with the quality and delivery of products.”

—Tim McCormick, Aerotech Inc., Linear drive manufacturer for the medical industry, among others

“Belt Technologies is a great company to work with.”

–Izya Kremerman, Lam Research on ® drive tapes used in robotics in the automotive industry

“Whenever I have bought by phone I have been well attended by your staff.”

—Armando Albano, Armando Albano Representaciones on PureSteel® endless belts used in the tobacco industry

“… the sales team was responsive and knowledgeable and worked with me to put together a concept in a timely fashion. I think Belt Technologies has an interesting niche product that … has a good value proposition for specialized applications.”

—DW Fritz, application or industry

Here is what our distributors have to say about their interactions with our company and the quality of our PureSteel® products.

“I would like to mention how much our receiver appreciates the outside of the boxes being labeled; if he gets busy and needs one that just came in but cannot put them away right away, he knows exactly what box they came in.”

–Nikki Cruxton, Abanaki Corporation

“Service is excellent.”

—Vicky Wu, Thor Hawk Industrial Supply Co.,Ltd.

“High technology products with good technical support.”

—Dario Brignone, Angst Pfister

“I am very satisfied with the company’s nice activity and responsibility.”

—JK Jin, Jkop, Inc.

“I have always received good pricing and product from Belt Technologies.”

—Jeannie Bellamy, BDI

Case Studies

We also invite you to read case studies for more in-depth insights. 

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