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TruPace™ Pulley


Available as a standalone product or as part of a conveyor system, Belt Technologies’ TruPace™ Pulley brings reliability and synchronous operation to manufacturing or production floors. Compared to standard pulley designs of similar diameter and width, the TruPace™ Pulley offers a significant decrease in inertia to allow designers to specify smaller motors and gearboxes for their equipment.

Previously known as the “low inertia pulley,” the TruPace™ Pulley consists of a thin-walled tube with end caps that add rigidity and allow for multiple mounting options for the end user. These pulleys can be accelerated very quickly with low power output and can be customized to meet customer specifications. Used with larger belts, the TruPace™ Pulley can also be utilized as a drive or idler pulley. The TruPace™ Pulley is also manufactured in the United States of America.

TruPace™ Pulley Benefits

The TruPace™ Pulley allows end users to:

  • Maximize efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Achieve higher system speeds faster with less energy

Engineering Specifications

The specifications for the TruPace™ Pulley are as follows:


  • Minimum: 2”
  • Maximum: 24”


  • Minimum: 2”
  • Maximum: 30”


  • Maximum: 5,000 RPM

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