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Unique Belt Width & Thickness Combinations

Sometimes the word “custom” means upcharges or a long lead time before you’ll ever see the part you need to get your production up and running. Not so with us. Everything about us is custom and we’ve perfected the engineering of our PureSteel® custom belts so when we say we offer unique belt width & thickness combinations we mean it. It’s this application diversity that sets us apart, and the reason we’re the belt behind diverse product processing. Will our endless metal belts help your specialized project?

Our Offerings

We manufacture PureSteel® belts ranging in width from 0.040” up to 35” wide and thicknesses of 0.001” up to 0.035” thick. Everything we manufacture is custom, so we have the ability to manufacture a specific width and thickness combination based on the requirements of the application.

Everything we manufacture is custom, which also includes coatings, attachments and perforation patterns. Tell us what you need, and we’ll be happy to deliver it.

We work with all different industries and design specific widths or thicknesses of customized turnkey solutions for businesses within each. Hear how we helped a zip-tie manufacturer, or contact us with your technical requirements or to discuss your automated manufacturing process and we’ll design a product for your unique application.