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Special Surface Flatness

Achieve Precise Flatness Tolerance

Our PureSteel® metal belts are able to be fabricated with a smooth surface area with extreme accuracy. It’s this perfect flatness, precise flatness tolerance and the smooth movement our metal belts provide that make our products highly desirable in material handling technology. Assembly or manufacturing lines in an operating environment that require indexing, positioning, or processing equipment are ideal candidates for our manufactured surfaces. In addition, our metal belts maintain their operational flatness, even when exposed to extreme temperatures—hot or cold.

Industries that Benefit from Metal Belt Surface Flatness

The dimensional tolerance and degree of flatness of our belts benefit industries where smooth, reliable movements are required. For instance:

  • The production of electronic equipment: We are able to achieve a belt surface flatness of < 0.007” to meet requirements for an electronics customer allowing them to cast ceramic material onto the belt surface for the production of capacitors.
  • The printing industry: In printing, positional accuracy (lateral and in direction of drive) is just as critical as belt flatness. When inkjet printing, the ink droplets must be placed to within ten microns in the x, y, and z positions to avoid distortion of the printed image. Our clients can call upon us to achieve this accuracy, helping to positively affect product output—and their bottom lines.
  • Food processing: A differentiating factor of our company is our ability to blend the surface area of the belt at the weld. Our finishing process allows us to meet customers’ flatness and surface finish characteristics. This is a special concern for clients in the food industry to achieve product consistency from an aesthetic point of view.

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