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TruTension™ Pulley


Belt Technologies has developed the TruTension™ Pulley, a proprietary and state-of-the-art product unique to the belt conveyor market that precisely measures belt tension on conveyor systems.

Standard pulleys do not have any tension indicators. The TruTension™ Pulley, however, incorporates sensors to measure the tension of a steel belt, allowing users to optimize the belt’s performance and maximize its lifespan. The TruTension™ pulley leverages a small, enclosed controller (separate from the pulley) that senses the bearing load in the pulley. Through a calibration process, the pulley measures the belt tension and displays it digitally on the controller display—making TruTension™ a first of its kind in the marketplace.

Users will no longer need to build separate systems to measure steel belt tension or find that a belt was destroyed from over tensioning. With the TruTension™ Pulley, a direct readout of tension information is available at a glance. TruTension™ Pulleys are also manufactured in the United States of America.


The TruTension™ Pulley has applications in all industries and is compatible with any conveyor, but only if both sides of the pulley are supported. The TruTension™ Pulley will not work with a cantilevered shaft.

Engineering Specifications

The specifications for the TruTension™ Pulley are as follows:


  • Minimum: 2”
  • Maximum: 10”


  • Minimum: 6”
  • Maximum: 36”


  • Maximum: 500 RPM


  • Maximum: 800 lbs.


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