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Why Metal Belts?

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, or are researching our products, you or someone on your team has asked the question “why metal belts?” Through this narrative, instead of asking “why metal belts,” you very well may be asking “why weren’t metal belts implemented until now?” Here, we’ve identified some important PureSteel® product features and benefits.

Accurate and Repeatable

All of our PureSteel® metal timing belts can be fabricated with a pitch accuracy of ±0.0005 inches station-to-station. This high degree of precision is understandably valuable in designing indexing, positioning or processing equipment.


Unlike HTD or flat neoprene belts, metal belts do not generate particulate, making them ideal for food and pharmaceutical processing.

Cleanroom Compatible

PureSteel® metal belts do not require lubricants and will not generate dust that would introduce foreign substances into clean room environments. Additionally, their sterilization can be performed in an autoclave.


PureSteel® metal belts can withstand sustained exposure to extreme temperatures, hostile environments and vacuum environments. Engineers generally select a belt material based on physical properties, availability and cost, all of which can be adjusted by using a different combination of metal alloys.

Good Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

PureSteel® metal belts can transmit energy in the form of heat, cold and electricity.

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

PureSteel® metal belt’s high strength to weight ratio is an advantage in nearly every application.

No Lubrication

Unlike the links of a chain, a PureSteel® metal belt is a single element and, therefore, does not generate any component friction that requires lubrication. This reduces system maintenance, improves reliability and keeps conveyor systems clean.

No Static Buildup

PureSteel® metal belts discharge static electricity, making them ideal in the manufacturing of electronic components like integrated circuits and surface mount devices.


Spring steels with a high modulus of elasticity make PureSteel® metal belts virtually non-stretchable as compared to other belt types and chain. This makes them ideal in high performance applications for precision positioning.

Precise Construction

The smooth edges of our PureSteel® metal belts are smooth and their dimensions are tightly toleranced.

Smooth Operation

PureSteel® metal belts are free from the pulsation of chordal action often seen in other belt types and chain. This results in precise translation of the control system motion profile.