Stainless Steel Heat Sealing Belts

An assortment of clean heat sealing bands from Belt Technologies, Inc.

Heat sealing belts, or heat sealing bands, are used in the direct application of heat to seal products and packaging. This method of package sealing can be used on single thermoplastic layers or on materials with several layers if at least one is thermoplastic. The heat sealing belt is used to apply heat and pressure along a specific path to essentially weld the thermoplastic layers together.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Continuous Heat Sealing Belts

Heat sealing band machines are versatile, efficient, and easy to operate. They are able to seal any thermoplastic material and can be found in a wide variety of packaging industries. Because they are ideal for mid- to high-volume production, the continuous bands that apply the heat to the product packaging are durable and accurate enough to reliably handle the rate of production.

Stainless steel heat sealing bands by Belt Technologies are highly durable. They are non-stretchable and highly resistant to impact and corrosion damage. The high thermal conductivity of stainless steel allows it to resist continuous exposure to high temperatures without warping. Stainless steel belts do not require lubrication, do not generate particulates, and do not build up static electricity; they provide a clean, safe, and sanitary surface for clean room and electrical applications.

Heat Sealing Applications

Continuous heat sealing bands are used throughout the packaging industry for a variety of applications, such as:

    • Flexible Packaging (bags, pouches, etc.)
    • Food Processing
    • Pharmaceutical Processing
    • Sterile Packaging for Single-Use Medical Devices
    • Vacuum Sealing

Additional Coating Options Can Improve Performance

Belt Technologies has the ability to provide additional coating options for stainless steel heat sealing belts to optimize performance qualities. With surface coatings and treatments, the release properties, damage resistance, and heat resistance of heat sealing bands can be further improved. Teflon™ or our proprietary GATORCOAT® coating are excellent options for increasing the release properties and durability of heat sealing bands.

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