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Improve Automated Assembly Systems With Stainless Steel

Trust Belt for Your Automation Solutions

We produce an array of stainless steel conveyor belts, timing belts and drive tapes for a wide range of automated assembly equipment. Our engineers can deliver automation solutions to improve processes and production quality across the gamut of production industries. If you require automated assembly systems for lean manufacturing, you’ve come to the right place.

Enhance Your Automated Assembly Capabilities

Our PureSteel® stainless steel conveyor belts, timing belts and drive tapes:

  • Have an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Ensure accurate positioning
  • Offer reliable product transportation
  • Will not generate particulates
  • Do not require lubrication

Virtually non-stretchable, metal conveyors, drive tapes and timing belts maintain operations precisely and accurately without requiring expensive replacement or repairs. Learn more about the benefits of stainless steel here.

Stainless Steel for Improved Operational Efficiency and Product Quality

Successful automated production requires reliable and accurate positioning, timing and fixturing. We not only understand that reaching full factory potential is your goal, we have the tools to contribute to your success. Count on our team of experts to develop custom PureSteel® stainless steel fixtures and conveyor systems to increase your efficiency, safety and profitability while maintaining maximum product quality.

Automated Assembly System Applications

Our flexible design options and long list of available accessories help automated assembly applications including:

  • Carriage positioning
  • Food processing and packaging
  • Nested component transport
  • Pharmaceutical production and processing
  • Pick-and-place equipment
  • Solar cell assembly
  • Sorting and packing
  • UV and thermal curing
  • Vacuum conveying
  • Vertical indexing

Metal drive tapes can be specially perforated or fitted with an array of specialized end attachments to perform complicated or repetitive motions with zero or near-zero backlash. Choose PureSteel® stainless steel drive tapes for applications such as:

Are you interested in upgrading or creating an automated assembly system? Our team of experts would be happy to discuss how stainless steel can improve your manufacturing operations. Contact our team today to get started.

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