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Field Termination

PureSteel® endless stainless steel belts work in most every application and industry. However, we understand that certain machines or applications prohibit their use. To overcome this obstacle, we offer a number of options capable of terminating the belt on the machine.

Overlap Termination

The first option is an overlap termination. The belt ends are overlapped and fastened together using rivets or screws, and the tape is terminated.

Piano Hinge

Piano hinges also create a termination point. We’ll supply the belt with a welded continuous hinge on each end that can be terminated on site by pinning the ends together.

On-Site Welding

Belt Technologies offers on-site welding services. We’ll travel to your location with our custom tooling and weld the belt endless on your machine. Please consult your design engineer to see if one of these options will work for your application.