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Zero Backlash

Our steel belt technology offers unique steel belt designs which will guarantee zero slip and absolute precision, particularly to robot builders and robotics applications.

Backlash occurs due to clearance between the timing hole in the belt and the pulley’s timing pin.  Some clearance is generally needed to avoid interference and let the pins fit into holes, but it can cause backlash when the belt is reversed. When the belt reverses direction, the clearance between pin and hole also reverses, resulting in backlash.  This backlash can inject positional inaccuracies into the motion profile. Precision metal belts can be designed to eliminate this.  For example, some robotic arms have two steel belts working in tandem with one belt driving the reversing motion. Thanks to the high modulus of elasticity of the steel belt, this design can handle rapid acceleration in both directions without causing backlash.

Our unique steel belt designs can be exactly tailored to the smallest space and harshest environment, allowing development of application solutions in many fields. Running in pairs or with inventive design ideas, these zero backlash drives can be used anywhere tight tolerances exist for back and forth placement.

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