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Vacuum Conveyors

We are the world’s leading manufacturer of complete vacuum conveyor systems utilizing PureSteel®stainless steel perforated metal conveyor belts.

perforated-metal-beltsAll of our vacuum conveyor systems provide accurate part positioning as well as smooth motion control and indexing. Combined with the beneficial properties and advantages of our world-renowned perforated stainless steel endless metal conveyor belts, vacuum conveyor systems:

  • Resist extreme high or low temperatures
  • Offer corrosion resistance
  • Are easy to maintain
  • Are clean and inert

In addition, the belts themselves are:

  • Able to maintain surface speeds, for increased efficiency and throughput
  • Virtually unstretchable
  • Free from particulates

Complete Vacuum Conveyor System Manufacturing

Perforated metal vacuum belts provide a durable, smooth, flat surface that’s ideal for processing, printing and inspection. Because PureSteel®stainless steel metal conveyor belts do not generate particulates, manufacturers can increase product throughput with less downtime spent on cleaning or removing debris buildup. As a result of customizable perforation patterns, perforated metal conveyor belts provide a level of precision and accuracy not attainable with traditional systems.

Precise Perforation Techniques for Endless Metal Belts

PureSteel®perforated metal belts are flat, endless metal conveyor belts manufactured with precision perforations. Perforations in a metal belt allow for the passage of air drawn through grooves in the vacuum plenum of the conveyor. This creates a suction effect that will hold flat product materials to the belt surface for maximum positioning control.

Our PureSteel®stainless steel conveyor belts are designed and manufactured based on the specific needs and specifications of our customers. A variety of different perforation patterns and sizes are possible. Our engineers can provide design feedback and technical support to ensure the maximum efficiency of your perforated metal conveyor belt.

We use a variety of perforation methods based on the dimensions of the belt and the operational requirements of the vacuum conveyor system including:

  • High-impact mechanical punching
  • Chemical etching
  • Laser cutting

Vacuum Conveyors are Ideal for a Variety of Automation Applications

PureSteel®stainless steel vacuum conveyor belt systems provide accurate part positioning, making them a superior conveying method for a variety of industries and applications, including:

  • Pick and place equipment
  • Conveying parts
  • Precision indexing
  • Food processing
  • Product assembly
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Clean room environments where no particulates are permitted
  • Elevation changes

Coating and Surface Treatment Options for Vacuum Conveyor Belts

Coatings and surface treatments for perforated metal conveyor belts are also available. Our engineers will help you determine the right coating and PureSteel®product requirements for your system.

Vacuum Conveyor Belt Engineering

Engineers at Belt Technologies have the knowledge and experience to design and fabricate complete vacuum metal belt conveyor belt systems based on your specifications and product requirements, to withstand even the most demanding production environments. Contact our team with questions or to place an order.

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