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Precision Laser Cutting

Expanded In-House Services Include Laser Engraving and Perforation

Since early 2016, we’ve offered in-house custom laser cutting services. The elimination of secondary shops allows for cost-effective production and the reduction of overall turnaround time.

Laser Cutting on Endless Belts

Our conveyor belt laser cutting services are called upon by customers who wish to customize their metal conveyor belts. Using specialized tools and precise movements, we ensure no material deformation during the process. The result is a smooth, etched finished product, which could include serialization of parts, custom logos or any other markings desired.

Laser Cutting is Precise, Efficient, and Cost-Effective

Laser cutting is an advantageous method for cutting, contouring, and perforating metal drive tapes, timing belts, and conveyor belts. Compared to other methods of cutting and perforating, lasers are low in impact and high in precision. The benefits of our in-house laser cutting include:

  • Clean, burr-free, and precise edges
  • Low thermal influence
  • Extremely fine contours and inner edges
  • No material deformation
  • The ability to cut virtually any material down to 0.003” in thickness
  • High efficiency
  • Reliable positional accuracy

Laser cutting is faster and more efficient than high-impact methods and chemical etching, and is an ideal way to add perforations or other features to projects requiring precision, accuracy and the utmost cleanliness of all parts and materials.

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