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Stainless Steel Heat Sealing Bands for Sustainable Paper Packaging in Food Processing Application

Oct 8, 2019 | Case Studies

Belt Technologies is experienced with the unique needs and requirements of a variety of specialty packaging applications. One of our longstanding customers is an OEM specializing in the manufacture of heat sealers for the food processing industry. 

Stainless Steel is Ideal for High Heat Applications

For this specialty packaging application the heat sealer would be applied to a paper bag that is filled with the food product by a hopper, then moves through the heat sealing bands to close it. In previous models, Teflon sealing bands were used to seal plastic packaging materials. Plastic based packaging can be heated at low temperatures, however, it is not a sustainable material option. The newer product bags were made of paper which uses a stronger adhesive, necessitating the use of higher temperatures to properly seal the bags.

While a Teflon band would typically be the more cost-effective option, the seams of the Teflon bands would fall apart at the required 500°F. Stainless steel has the advantage of high thermal conductivity, allowing for a higher rate of heat transfer and even sealing. Our engineers advised the client on the specific grade of stainless steel that would be the most effective and supplied them with a seamless metal belt for their heat sealing equipment. 

Heat sealing bands by Belt Technologies are smooth, durable and accurate, making them the ideal choice to reliably handle the rate of production in a variety of specialty packaging applications. They are capable of sealing any thermoplastic material and apply heat evenly and efficiently. For more information about continuous metal bands for heat sealing application, contact the experts at Belt Technologies today

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