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Agawam, MA — March 29, 2010…. Belt Technologies offers a line of stainless steel indexing belts for use on high-speed indexing conveyors used to assemble plastic spray bottle caps and other multi-component assemblies. These stainless steel belts resist stretching, provide exceptional repeatability, and allow for the exact positioning of tools and parts. As a result, manufacturers are able to achieve a level of precision not possible with other indexing systems.

Unlike traditional conveying systems, Belt Technologies stainless steel belts can be mounted vertically. This allows manufacturers to utilize both sides of the conveyor, thereby doubling the number of simultaneously occurring operations, while increasing throughput and efficiency. These continuous-length stainless steel belts also improve consistency, minimize debris buildup, and eliminate the frequent shutdowns associated with cleaning other types of systems.

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Belt Technologies designs and manufactures belt conveyors for wide ranging applications in the automation, electronics, packaging, food processing, medical device, tobacco, and aerospace markets.