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AGAWAM, MA, February 22, 2016Belt Technologies, Inc. recently provided a producer of plastic manufactured goods with a metal belt solution for the extrusion and cooling of  PVC plastic. The plastics manufacturer had been searching for a conveyor belt that could handle high temperatures without leaving any impressions on the finished product.

The customer needed to cool PVC plastic that would be extruded onto the belt at temperatures of up to 400°F. They had been beta testing a silicone belt that was functional but had a large seam where the two ends of the belt met; this seam left unsightly marks in the finished product.

“Our endless metal belts are ideal for these types of applications,” said president of Belt Technologies, Alan Wosky. “Stainless steel performs well under extreme temperatures. Our state-of-the-art welding methods and post-weld procedures can

produce an extremely smooth and seamless surface onto which products can be extruded without the risk of being marked or imprinted.”

The engineers at Belt Technologies developed a custom metal conveyor belt to fit the customer’s automated conveyor system. BTI manufactures their endless metal belts using high-energy beam welding techniques; these processes, along with post-weld procedures, enable a perfectly smooth and exceedingly strong weld joint. A Teflon coating was added to the surface of the belt to increase its release properties and make it an even better solution. Belt Technologies offers a wide variety of coating and surface treatment options.

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Belt Technologies, Inc. has been producing custom metal belt conveyor solutions for new and existing conveyor systems for more than five decades. With sophisticated engineering and advanced manufacturing processes, they are able to provide an unlimited variety of configurations and coatings for custom-designed belts. Metal belts, timing belts, and metal drive tapes are superior, high-quality options for automated production and robotic facilities. To learn more about Belt Technologies and metal conveyor belts, visit