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Agawam, MA — July 20, 2010…. Belt Technologies has introduced a new tensioning shaft support for use on belt conveying systems. The GATOR® tensioning shaft support provides a simpler method of tensioning and tracking adjustments than traditional methods, resulting in less down time and higher productivity.

This new tensioning shaft support system incorporates a simple yet effective design that’s made to fit standard aluminum profiles and allow on-the-fly tensioning and tracking adjustments. The GATOR system eliminates the stoppages and repeated adjustments that are common with manual block and yoke methods; allowing for quicker, more accurate real-time adjustments that don’t compromise productivity.

In addition to decreased set-up time, the GATOR system is designed for ease of use. Pre-load belt tension is achieved thorough simultaneous adjustment of two lateral screws. Individual screw adjustments are then used to increase or decrease edge tension and correct tracking.

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