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Manufacturing Precision: Celebrating National Manufacturing DayCelebrating National Manufacturing Day

The first Friday of October is National Manufacturing Day, which coincidentally is also recognized as National Apple Betty Day. In fact, the month of October is riddled with national food observance days. Having a hand in manufacturing precision and, specifically, contributing to the food industry, we thought we’d meet in the middle with this blog touching upon both areas of our expertise.

First, the People and the Process

Members of our manufacturing team possess backgrounds in industrial engineering, mechanical engineering and welding technology. Together, they manufacture our products using sophisticated technology and innovative processes. Drawing from experience, and considering client needs and desired results, they work alongside our customers to create metal belts, belt components and complete conveyor systems that are fabricated to meet exact specifications.

With skill and pride to ensure exact measurements that will maximize product throughput and quality, we live up to our tagline: “precision on the move.”

Manufacturing for the Food Industry

It may surprise you to learn that our metal belts can easily transition from a cooking stage to a freezing stage in a food-handling process. This makes them ideal for use in almost every food-handling industry application, including fast food, dairy, frozen foods, seafood and others. This video details how our products are used in these types of applications.

In fact, the properties of our belts make them appropriate in the following ways, and for the following food observation days:

  • October 11, National Sausage Pizza Day: Metal belts have a longer lifespan than their plastic counterparts, helping companies “meat” production quotas without fail.
  • October 19, National Seafood Bisque Day: Wire, mesh, fabric or rubber belts can deteriorate and generate particulates that can get into the food. This makes our metal belts a better “catch.”
  • October 25, National Greasy Foods Day: Our belts do not outgas or require any greasy lubrication, so there’s no risk that the food’s flavor or quality will be impacted during transport. This is welcome news on “National Greasy Foods Day” or any day.

Could You Benefit from Our Manufacturing?

Are you a member of the food industry who could benefit from our stainless steel solutions? Or are you interested in learning how our manufacturing precision could benefit your organization or application? Give us a call.