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Feeling burned out? Let our workaholics—metal belts—perform so you don’t have to.Let’s Celebrate Hardworking Metal Belts

The word “workaholic” often comes with a negative connotation. But if you ask any of us here at Belt, we’d argue that the word (and work ethic) should be celebrated. To our surprise and chagrin, a Google search has helped us realize that, to an extent, it has been.

July 5 is National Workaholics Day. While we’ll leave the party planning to you, we can gladly offer an idea on WHAT to celebrate. Read on.

Metal Belts Work in Even the Most Difficult Environments

Unlike polyester, nylon or cotton belts with rubber or plastic covers, metal belts love to perform—and well!—even in hostile or caustic environments. Nothing slows down their operation—not even extreme temperatures—hot OR cold. This makes them a perfect solution in food processing, in particular.

Metal Belts Outshine Their “Coworkers”

Metal belts are unsusceptible to long-term wear and tear such as stretching or warping. Metal timing belts, conveyor belts and conveyor belt systems offer durability and strength while maintaining a lightweight flexibility for smooth, continuous operation. Their average lifespans range from 500,000 cycles for complex timing belts to upwards of 5 MILLION cycles. And, because they don’t require any sick or vacation days, their eagerness and willingness to perform surely classify them as workaholics and maybe even Employee of the Month (or Year).

Metal Belts Help to Automate Your Facility (And Your Workload!)

The high tensile strength of steel belts makes them exceptionally resilient, and helps prevent jams in robotic automation. Common tasks like lifting, moving and sorting, allow for increased production rates and 40 percent efficiencies over other warehouse designs. Stands to reason, the more metal belts and automation in your facility, the more savings and greater efficiencies you’ll realize.

Get Your Party Hats Ready

If you’re looking for a way to keep production up and running smoothly, but would like to automate a process so you don’t have to become a workaholic yourself, we hope you’ll consider one of our workhorses. Sit down, put your feet up and peruse our website for some ideas on what “hire” to make. Or, if you have specific questions or would like to explore a custom solution, we hope you’ll contact us. Maybe we can celebrate together.