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AGAWAM, MA, July, 2016GATORCOATⓇ, a heat-resistant, non-stick coating for solid, metal conveyor belts, is preferred by manufacturers for its superior performance in high-heat applications.  GATORCOATⓇ is offered exclusively by Belt Technologies, Inc., a global leader in automated and custom-designed stainless-steel conveyor belt systems.

GATORCOATⓇ is a proprietary coating comprised of internally reinforced metallic materials, resins, reinforcing elements and releasing components provided by Belt Technologies. Like Teflon, GATORCOATⓇ is non-stick, but offers up to ten times the abrasion resistance of Teflon or similar generic alternatives. After switching to GATORCOATⓇ, customers reported that the treated belt surfaces exhibit a notable increase in durability, requiring fewer replacement belts and therefore reducing maintenance downtime.

“Our unique GATORCOATⓇ surface treatment is one of our most effective coating options,” said Ivan Amaya, Belt Technologies’ Sales and Marketing Manager for the Americas. “It lasts longer and is more resistant to potential wear and tear than other coatings on the market. With GATORCOATⓇ, our customers get superior release qualities and an extremely durable surface treatment, which enables them to maximize the productivity of their conveyor systems.”

GATORCOATⓇ is FDA approved for use in the food processing industry and is an excellent choice for systems where food products are cooked or frozen. Other applications include solar panel production, extruded plastics, and sterilization systems. The coating is resistant to household chemicals and is capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 600°F (316°C).

Belt Technologies, Inc. offers a virtually limitless range of coating and surface treatment options for their stainless steel conveyor belts; each conveyor system is custom-designed to meet customer specifications or application requirements. Contact Belt Technologies today to discover how your conveyor system can benefit from the superior qualities of GATORCOATⓇ surface coating

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