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AGAWAM, MA, May, 2016Belt Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of stainless steel metal belt conveyor systems and retrofits. Recently, the company provided an upgrade to a customer who was using a conveyor system to process extruded plastic strands.

“The client was originally using mesh metal belts, which met their heat-resistance requirements but left unsightly marks on the end product once it cooled,” said Belt Technologies President Alan Wosky. “Our goal at Belt is to aid customers in finding the perfect metal belt solution to their processing needs and that is exactly what we were able to do here.”

The plastic was extruded directly onto the conveyor belts at very high temperatures upward of 400°F. Their original belt was able to handle the heat, but the mesh pattern of the metal was being seared into the plastic as it dried. To solve this problem, BTI engineers designed and manufactured a solid, flat metal belt of 301FH stainless steel that would withstand the high temperatures without leaving any marks on the end product.

Without a comprehensive retrofit, the customer faced the possibility of replacing the entire conveyor system; this would have been extremely costly. Belt Technologies worked with their existing setup to design the metal belt and pulleys necessary for a smooth, efficient, error-free system.

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