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TruTrack™ Pulley


Available as a standalone product or as part of a conveyor system, Belt Technologies’ TruTrack™ Pulley precisely automates belt tracking by using a segmented roller design that moves with virtually no friction along the shaft between two edge guides, improving the lifespan of the belt.

The segmented design of the TruTrack™ Pulley substantially reduces side loads on the belt, preventing damage to its edge and improving belt life in ways standard edge guides or flanges can’t. The TruTrack™ Pulley is also manufactured in the United States of America.


The TruTrack™ Pulley can be used in multiple industries and applications.

Engineering Specifications

The specifications for the TruTrack™ Pulley are as follows:

 Belt Width

  • Minimum: 6”
  • Maximum: 18”


  • Maximum: 200 RPM


  • Maximum: 10,000 PSI

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