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Replacement Conveyor Belts and Drive Tapes for Industrial Spray Paint Machine

Oct 13, 2017 | Case Studies

A distributor approached Belt Technologies seeking replacement parts for an automated spray machine used in industrial paint applications. These large machines generally use as many as ten different metal belts for various tasks. Up to seven of the belts operate in tandem to create a large bed on which a large part or component can be placed and moved by manipulating the belts. Additional belts and drive tapes move a rotating spray head carousel that distributes paint, polyurethane sealant, or other coatings evenly over the entire surface of the part.

Difficulty Finding Replacement Parts for Discontinued Spray Paint Equipment

Unfortunately, the OEM that originally sold the industrial spray paint equipment went out of business a few years ago, but the distributor continues to receive inquiries about where to find replacement belts for this machine. While the automated industrial spray machine is no longer in production, it is still a very popular model currently in use at many paint shops. However, replacement parts can be difficult to come by.

Multiple Belts Operating in Tandem Transport Large Industrial Machinery

Metal belts are ideal for this application since they are easy to clean and can be individually replaced. A metal belt will also perform more reliably when a mix of new and old belts are running simultaneously. If the new belts were made of a more stretchable materialsuch as rubber or plasticuneven tension would exist between each of the belts, resulting in tracking difficulties. Our engineers were able to reproduce the stainless steel belts used by the original equipment and provide reliable replacements.

Custom Metal Belt and Metal Drive Tape Replacement Parts

Metal drive tapes were also ideal replacement parts for the spray head carousel, which needed precise positioning. This carousel would move through a series of configurations that would ensure even distribution of the paints as they were applied to the part. Stainless steel drive tapes by Belt Technologies have a high strength-to-weight ratio and are virtually non-stretchable. Our engineers were able to replicate the existing drive tapes used by the spray head and provide high-quality replacements.

The distributor was happy to find a supplier familiar with the demands of this application. They have since turned to Belt Technologies for replacement belts and drive tapes on a regular basis to ensure these machines run reliably for years to come. For more information about stainless steel conveyor belts and drive tapes, contact the experts at Belt Technologies today.

Design Guide and Engineer’s Reference for Metal Belts

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