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AGAWAM, MA, March 31, 2016A recent white paper published by Belt Technologies Inc., illustrates the superior qualities of solid stainless steel metal conveyor belts and why they are ideal for use in the food processing industry. The paper, written by the BTI Sales and Marketing Manager, Ivan C. Amaya, provides a look at the sanitary issues surrounding automated processing equipment in the food industry. It also describes the ways stainless steel conveyors can help facility managers prevent outbreaks of bacteria while minimizing production downtime.

“There are significant advantages associated with the use of endless stainless steel conveyor belts,” said Belt Technologies, Inc. president, Alan Wosky. “This paper provides scientific and practical evidence behind the traits that make solid stainless steel belts superior to other belt materials and designs such as plastic, rubber, and mesh metal belts.”

Stainless steel is highly resistant to extremes in temperature and also has no moving parts. Unlike plastic, rubber, and mesh metal belts, stainless steel belts offer no place for bacteria to settle and grow. Studies show that materials such as rubber and plastic are more susceptible to attracting dangerous contagions such as Salmonella and Listeria than stainless steel. The many linkages of mesh metal belts require the belts to be removed and submersed into chemicals for cleaning. Solid metal belts, however, do not need to be removed to be sanitized, as they have no small crevices or moving parts that could be vulnerable to colonization by bacteria.

FDA requirements for the food industry are understandably strict; preventing the spread of infection is a serious concern for all automated food processing facilities. Stainless steel solid metal conveyor belts offer food processing facility managers a comprehensive way to maintain system cleanliness while minimizing downtime. Read the white paper to learn more.  

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