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Perforated Metal Conveyor Belts for Transporting Glass Through a Vacuum Deposition Process

Nov 4, 2016 | Case Studies

Belt Technologies, Inc. was recently contacted by a producer of high-end optical glass filters. The customer was replacing an older automated system with an entirely new machine; it needed to upgrade its conveyor belts and timing pulleys to transport the glass lenses through a vacuum deposition process.

Coating Glass via Vapor Deposition Requires a Controlled Environment

Vacuum deposition encompasses a variety of processes that are used to deposit layers of a material onto a surface, atom-by-atom or molecule-by-molecule. This coating method is typically used for sensitive equipment such as optical lenses, solar cells, and semiconductor devices. The item being coated is transported through a vacuum that is set below atmospheric pressure to prevent contamination and produce an even coating as thin as one atom.

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belts Do Not Outgas or Generate Particulates

The customer would have designed and built the automated system in-house but required a conveyor belt and timing pulleys to convey the glass lenses through the vacuum space without contamination. Vacuum deposition is a highly sensitive process, as it deals with atoms of a coating material in a very sterile environment. Stainless steel does not outgas or generate particulates, making it the optimal material on which to transport optical lenses during deposition.

Metal Conveyor Belts Designed for Your Application

Belt Technologies worked with the customer’s engineering team to create a set of metal conveyor belts that could safely transport the glass lenses. Belt also manufactured timing and idler pulleys to provide smooth, even movement of the belts. Sales engineers were available to provide expert design feedback during the process, such as pulley diameters and components for tensioning and tracking. The customer was highly satisfied with the final design and the results have been very positive.

At Belt Technologies, our priority is ensuring your automated system performs above and beyond your expectations. We are able to provide metal belts to your exact specifications, as well as provide expert design feedback that will ensure your custom metal conveyor belt will provide optimal product throughput. Contact us today and find out how metal belts can improve your automated system design.

Design Guide and Engineer’s Reference for Metal Belts

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