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About Belt Technologies 

Our Story

Thank you for your interest in getting to know more about our company history and products. Belt Technologies designs and manufactures PureSteel® metal belts and conveyor solutions for a wide range of applications. Businesses in the automation, electronics, packaging, food processing, medical device, robotics and tobacco markets benefit from our custom solutions and world-class design.

We chose the name PureSteel® because once you learn more about the benefits stainless steel metal belts can bring to your processes and facility, the choice to select them will be pure and clear.

In our 50 years of experience, our steel belts have provided customers a more effective solution for transporting components, driving equipment, and producing and packaging food. Used in demanding environments and operations, the belts provide many benefits not found in alternative belting materials.

The PureSteel® line of metal belts is reliable and highly sought after. Our customers choose PureSteel® because:

  • PureSteel® metal belts can be manufactured to extremely high tolerances and do not stretch like chain or fabric belts.
  • Their robust nature allows them to be designed specifically for each customer’s specific application.
  • They can resist the high and low temperatures seen in many manufacturing and processing environments. This helps avoid the quality-threatening belt degradation commonly seen with plastic and fabric belts.
  • PureSteel® belts’ longevity under intense operating conditions provides cost savings to manufacturers because of fewer belt changes and reduced downtime.

In short, PureSteel® metal belts provide a superior method to convey motion.

Learn more about our line of PureSteel® metal belts and conveyor systems by perusing our website. We’d be happy to provide design assistance and complete tooling design for your company.